No Sugar! No Flour! No Booze! For 30 days.

Galadriel has created a comprehensive 30 day hard reset online group program. This mind and body program allows you to detox physically from the drug like foods while learning more about what triggers you as an individual into using them and what the hell you can enjoy instead.

SOBER OCTOBER early registration by Sept 17 is $80.00. Late registraion is $100.00. Registration closes Sept 21 and pre game emails start the last week of Sept!


-A holistic health coaches guidance for 30 days using email and our private Facebook page.

-Pregame education emails educating you on what sugar, flour and booze really do to your body. Pregame email on #healthyswaps cuz here at the Masterson Plan we don't believe in deprivation instead we find the better version to scratch the itch. Pregame email on ways to support your body during the detox as well as how to maximize it.

-A daily emailed question that starts a convo between you and your health coach privately. These questions are designed to help you figure out the real deal with your emotional attachment to your drug like food of choice and how to begin breaking the pattern long term.

-You also get incredible clarity and a huge boost in self esteem. Other side effects may include: weight loss, better sleep, gorgeous skin and decreased joint pain.

-A private Facebook group page to share ideas, recipes, post questions etc. I post additional daily inspo on the FB page as well.

**If you are not on FB it is encouraged that you make a profile to use for this group program as the camaraderie and community support from the other members is mind blowing. I do not encourage people to sign up for my group programs if they intend to not join the private FB page and not answer the daily questions as both have been crafted as a huge element of putting your key into your lock will be missing. 

-Post Game email with suggestions on the grey area...what is a healthy and realistic approach to life that lies between what you did on the group program vs where you were at before the group program.

How do I sign up for the Masterson Plan's online group programs?

-Watch social media for the announcements. Typically they run in October and January (to book end the holiday decadence) and in March or April to shed the winter b.s. and leave you renewed for spring.

-Paypal or venmo the allotted fee. venmo @Masterson Plan 


-Essential step is to include the email you would like to use for your daily email contact as many peeps have an old email just for paypal and then miss all their contact with me!