What is The Masterson Plan?

The Masterson Plan is a 3 month individualized educational coaching program designed to help you meet your specific health goals. I teach you how to eat real food and break up with the bullshit once and for all. I teach you how to identify your unique roadblocks and issues, understand them and turn them into building blocks to get up and out of your rut. There is no one way of eating or exercising that works for everyone; if there was we would all be doing it. I help you identify what works specifically for you based on your likes, your time, health conditions and other needs. In short, I help you become the healthiest and most vibrant version of yourself.

Here is what I don’t do: diets and food plans. Diets and food plans are temporary solutions with temporary results; I teach lifestyle changes that actually create long-term health benefits. (UNLESS, you are going to the Oscars or your Ex’s wedding, in which case I will put you on a full blown Hollywood weight loss plan.)

Any blog or magazine article can give you a list of foods to eliminate and a list of foods to put in to maximize your energy and health. Although, cognitively you may agree with that list, the work you do with me is to understand your emotional connection to the frenenemy foods and why long term change has not been possible, yet.

Side effects of The Masterson Plan include but not limited to: weight loss, glowing skin, increased energy, no more afternoon fatigue, increased libido, confidence, falling back in love with life, bye bye bloat and to hell with you sugar cravings.



How does The Masterson Plan Work?

You and I work one on one together in a coaching call, twice a month for 3 months. Each session is approximately 50 minutes long and is an in-depth dig into your bio individuality. In each session we build upon your ability to make changes and meet your specific goals. We have email contact in between our sessions; that will include mini assignments, re-caps of our sessions, articles and recipes specifically for your goals and needs, as well as any questions that are coming up for you. Every day during our 3 months together you will recieve a daily question via email. These questions are designed to help you and I understand the real problem that has prevented you from achieving your goals. You will keep a food/mood/bowel journal every single day for the 3 months we work together. This tool will highlight what moods trigger what choices and exactly what your skin, stomach and waist line think about those choices. The food/mood/bowel will also show us what foods are heros to your body and which ones are you own personal health saboteurs. My agenda is to show you how to get gorgeous and feel amazing. By the time your Masterson Plan comes to a close, you will have confidence, knowledge and the self care skills that will maximize your health. I educate you, I empower you and I make it as easy as possible. 



Who Needs The Masterson Plan?

Adult humans who want to get healthy and are sick and tired of not feeling fabulous. Some of you already eat and work out like a champ but maybe your finances or relationships are the equivalent of a fast food diet. I teach people to think about their money and relationships the way they do their health.

What I am extremely passionate about is teaching people to eat REAL FOOD. Think about it, we eat 3x a times a day (at least) but most don’t understand how food affects their bodies. What you put into it, is what you get out of it. I love to help people break up with sugar (that betch!) and kick gluten to the curb. Those of you who have received a recent diagnosis such as Parasites, Thyroid disorder, Pre-Diabetes, PCOS, Peri-Menopause or an Auto-Immune disorder greatly benefit from tweaking your diet to reduce the symptoms of your health challenge. My passion for health is not limited to age or gender. However, my insane in the membrane obsession is helping women over 35 balance their hormones. I don’t fix anyone, I don’t cure, I don’t diagnose, but I do support you in fixing yourself. I stand on the sideline giving you the plays and the drills both physically and emotionally to get you living and feeling like the best version of yourself. How amazing does that sound?