What is The Masterson Mini?

The Masterson Mini is for the person who has got it going on, but has one area that really needs some TLC and guidance. The MM is also an easy and fun way to test drive what it would be like to have a health coach prior to committing to the 3 month Masterson Plan. The MM can be a terrific follow up for those who have completed The Masterson Plan but need a tune up for a particular issue or area.

The Masterson Mini is one 90-minute health coaching session via phone. Prior to our sesh, I have you fill out a form answering some crucial questions about your health and goals as well as doing a 7 day food /mood/bowel journal for me. That right there is like hiring a private detective to crack the code on your main health concern. During our session we will talk in depth about your specific health or lifestyle concern, your roadblocks and your goals. Together we will determine a few easy ways for you create some changes in whatever area of your life is demanding an infusion of health.