sweet treat

nice cream (dessert is ready in 2 minutes)

Just because you have given up sugar doesn't mean you no longer have a taste for something sweet. This healthy treat is made of whole, real food, gluten free, sugar free and beyond delish.

What you need:

1 frozen (peeled) banana/ use one banana per person.

A splash or two or three of any nut milk, I like cashew milk or almond milk. You can change the consistency from "ice cream" to "Greek yogurt" depending on how much nut milk you add in.

Blend. Done. Eat.

Enjoy as is or get creative and throw a few more things in the blender:

1/2 cup of frozen berries, I like blueberries.


Splash of vanilla


A big ole scoop of almond butter


Unsweetened coconut flakes


all of the above!