I no longer obsess about food or count calories. I recommend Galadriel to anyone who has let food rule their life. She gave me techniques to get through the triggers and taught me about what certain foods to to my mind and body and how they were hindering my health goals. Galadriel instantly made me feel comfortable sharing my struggles. The 3 month program was such an awesome experience and gave me the confidence and tools needed to achieve both self love and healthy eating habits. -Alex/ Human Resources Director

For anyone who struggles with food as a drug, Masterson’s techniques are NEXT LEVEL and treat you as a whole person/soul/body. After a Masterson Mini and doing Sober October with Galadriel I feel like a different person, and am making different decisions almost without thinking. I would recommend her services highly to anyone and am not done with them myself. Her energy is out of this world! -Bridget/Sober October Group Program Participant

Sober October led by Galadriel Masterson exceeded my expectations and I loved it! Masterson is both a tough and caring coach and most importantly is extremely motivating. Members shared on a private Facebook group which added to the camaradie. Finally, Masterson provided fantastic nutritional info. Highly recommend. -Norma/Sober October Group Program Participant

In our sessions together and in our daily check-in’s Galadriel would address the issues that were underlying the food, the reasons I was reaching for snacks or meals that were not serving me. This was central to the work we did together because it forced me to look at why I got here in the first place, that I have to break habits that go back generations. Galadriel was a perfect coach through this, she suggested ways in which I could stay the course without feeling like I’m depriving myself of things I love, and she reminded me every day that the things that hurt me are not my friends. By the end of our three months working together, I felt as though I had a degree in health food and if you open my fridge you will see only green, natural, fresh foods. Now when I look in the fridge or the cupboard it’s a delight, and it’s not something I fear. –Maayan Artist and Confectioner

I highly recommend working with Galadriel! Not only will you be motivated, educated and given incredible recipes, you will gain insight to your triggers. Oh and her wit is another added bonus! -Shauna/Sober January Group Program Participant

You’re a very gifted listener, Galadriel. The words you chose to help create change are inspired and timely, and can open doors to new opportunities in life, if one is willing to do the work. It is a rabbit hole. Thank you for recognising busy, and keeping recipes simple and my body satisfied and energised. This has been the first step to real achievable change for me. You are a badass. I love your daily inspiration and mentoring. -Angela/ Sober January Group Program Participant

Galadriel is incredibly gifted and knowledgeable at what she does. Galadriel has crafted her "Sober" program so that it is easy to follow, goals are achievable and has you looking at the how and why of your lifestyle habits.
I needed a serious reset to get back to health and I am finally back on track. I feel great, am sticking with the goals I set for myself during January, and am not going back to my lazy ways of eating and living. I 100% recommend this game changing program! -Kate/Sober January Group Program Participant. 


Since really making the changes Galadriel advised, my blood pressure lowered from 140/90-100 to 117-120/70-80. Now every time I choose food I say, "is this helping or hurting my blood pressure/health?" Beyond the very visible change in my blood pressure, I feel better, my skin is better, I'm less bloated, and feel WAY more able to make healthy choices. In just our one hour session (Masterson Mini) she reframed the entire way I think about my health, and It seems way easier to make the right choices for my body." –Chlesea/ Artist


I never thought I would learn as much as I did in the 3 months that Galadriel coached me. I now understand why food does what it does, and what works for me in my new and improved lifestyle!  My main goal was to learn what to eat without constantly fluctuating in weight or dieting ever again.  Galadriel taught me just that-she never referred to it as a diet;  losing the weight was just an awesome perk!  Most importantly, this also plays a role in the PCOS that I have been diagnosed with.  No OBGYN has ever taken the time or care to inform me on this syndrome like Galadriel has-the fact that I can control and even put PCOS into remission with food is absolutely mind blowing.  Hiring Galadriel was the best gift I have given myself.  She is an incredible people person and knows exactly what to say when, how to lift you up when you are feeling down and most importantly, encourage you to really take care of yourself and put self love high on your priority list.  She truly enlightened me and I am forever grateful!  -Nicole G/Art Director


Have you ever been caught up in that cycle of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results? My insanity cycle centered around a digestive problem which had me constantly rushing to the restroom, a love/hate relationship with sodas (i.e. sugar) and processed foods. With The Masterson Plan I eliminated gluten, sugar and processed foods from my food choices. My digestive problem is resolved (freedom at last) and making better food choices has resulted in the loss of weight and inches. Galadriel is the health coach who can help you get out of your box and make significant lifestyle changes. She personalized her knowledge and resource expertise to my specific needs. My definition of The Masterson Plan is the gift that keeps giving. I highly recommend the program. –Pattie/Project Manager


Galadriel is a health coach who goes deep. She does not take an "off the shelf" plan and apply it to every person she works with. She makes it her business to get to know you and get to your root cause. I learned more working with her in 3 months than I have in years of self exploration. -Aya/ Fashion Stylist


Working with Galadriel was one of the best things I did for myself this year. I have had stomach issues my whole life and have had multiple tests to try and identify why and what these symptoms were, without much resolve. One of the best things i learned is what foods negatively affect me and guess what, I now have minimal to no stomach issues. Galadriel provided me with the tools as well as checks and balances to keep me accountable to my health. She kept me motivated to exercise as well as self care from a mental perspective. Coming of the program, I noticed a major decrease in inflammation through my whole body, my clothes fit better and my mind was clear. I continue to use the tools she taught me daily and could not recommend The Masterson Plan enough. - Nicole/Director Digital Advertising. 


Working with Galadriel was a life changing challenge. I would recommend The Masterson Plan to anyone who needs a mirror to what is really going on. She helped me confront some of my food relationships and the biggest change I noticed was a decrease in stomach aches and increased overall well being.  Galadriel is a huge support, cheerleader and educator. - Emilie/ Creative Director.


Galadriel has completely changed how I think and feel about food (while laughing and having a good time doing it)! She's helped me uncover the real reasons why I always turned to food first instead of feeding the areas in my life where I was truly hungry. For me, it was a true accomplishment when foods like burgers, fries, pizza or ice cream were no longer used as a reward because I stopped craving them. Galadriel has been a true life line and game changer in my relationship to with food. The program gave me confidence and helped me work out scenarios that would normally derail me....I am forever grateful. -Jeanine/ Accountant and Interior Design Consultant


The Masterson Mini was a great, affordable way to get a grasp on something that felt overwhelming and a little bit scary. Galadriel conducted a super thorough, thoughtful intake by phone that helped me figure out my fatigue, weight gain and body aches. She immediately set me up with a super easy commitment to myself and as a result I've decreased my aches, weight as well as skin issues AND quit sugar! Galadriel is specific about solutions, attentive, available, just strict enough and super fun and quirky. -Adrienne/ Performer and Writer.


The term "life changing" has been overused to the point of lacking much meaning. But there is no other way to describe my experience with The Masterson Plan with Galadriel. I didn't go into this with a goal to lose weight, although I did lose about 15 pounds and regain my cheekbones. My goal was to improve my autoimmune symptoms - arthritis and psoriasis. Three months of eating better and listening to my body - (yes, the questions about bowel movements were necessary) - left me sugar free, gluten free, diarrhea free...and wait for it...90% psoriasis free!! Even the arthritis pain is diminished. These effects are so worth every change I had to make. I will never go back.  -Sue/ Marketing Specialist and Grandmom

I did a Masterson Mini with Galadriel and it was AWESOME, she exudes amazing and fun energy. We came to the conclusion that my body hates gluten; I cut it out and felt a big difference...to not feel sluggish anymore is a beautiful thing because I used to feel constantly fatigued. She followed up with me and even made sure my ass was up in the morning to do the cardio I said I need to kick start my day. Galadriel will open your eyes and give you some amazing suggestions that can totally change your life! -Robert/ Visuals Associate.


Galadriel is an incredible coach. Her innate capacity for improving her client’s health through a holistic approach is a true gift. She listens to every symptom and need of her clients and doesn't stop until she gets to the root and finds a solution. The path to that solution is tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle - something I find incredibly important. In addition, the phone sessions became extremely helpful therapy sessions that guided me to define my goals in all areas of my daily life and were truly eye-opening for me. –Kate / Art Teacher


Galadriel was able to help me work towards getting my liver levels back on track by thoroughly investigating my symptoms, my habits both good and bad and really learning about my true needs, expectations, limits and goals.  The biggest change I’ve experienced is no more bloating or pain after meals. –Sandra / Actress


I have learned so much from being coached by Galadriel. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is interested in improving their health, she will help you using her trademark humor. She even got me out of my “no cooking” rut by showing me how to cook quick, realistic, healthy meals. I cannot thank you enough, Galadriel for everything! –Rachel /Fashion Stylist


Galadriel’s Closet Cleanse saved my life! I had paralysis when it came to the task of purging my wardrobe and clearing the clutter. She streamlined not only my clothing, but also my life! – Tracy / Makeup Artist


I had long thought of hiring a personal shopper, but wasn't sure I'd find anyone who could work well with my personal aesthetic and need for "comfort". My trusted hair stylist recommended Galadriel, and I took the plunge. Galadriel is hugely talented, incredibly efficient and tons of fun to spend time with.  I was amazed at what we accomplished in a single session. Friends and colleagues noticed and commented on my style and increased confidence. The Closet Cleanse was incredibly helpful. I am no longer overwhelmed or disappointed with my wardrobe choices.  It takes me half the time to choose my outfit and get out the door in the morning. I wish I had found Galadriel years ago. –MG/ Librarian