Galadriel addressed the issues that were underlying the food.- Maayan/Artist and Confectioner.

In our sessions together and in our daily check-in’s Galadriel would address the issues that were underlying the food, the reasons I was reaching for snacks or meals that were not serving me. This was central to the work we did together because it forced me to look at why I got here in the first place, that I have to break habits that go back generations.

Galadriel was a perfect coach through this, she suggested ways in which I could stay the course without feeling like I’m depriving myself of things I love, and she reminded me every day that the things that hurt me are not my friends. By the end of our three months working together, I felt as though I had a degree in health food and if you open my fridge you will see only green, natural, fresh foods. Now when I look in the fridge or the cupboard it’s a delight, and it’s not something I fear. –Maayan Artist and Confectioner